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Specialty stores

Improve the prospects of your specialty store by driving up the productivity and accuracy of your operations with SmartPOS. Contact us to know more.

Drive up customer satisfaction and profits with SmartPOS

No matter what goods your retail business is focused on selling, be it sportswear, garden equipment, plants, furniture or any other narrow category of products, it is imperative to keep a tab on your store’s operations in a systematic manner. SmartPOS is a point of sale software that lets you efficiently manage a wide array of business functions such as customers, staff, product prices, inventory and more.

Simplify your operations, boost its speed and accuracy by automating routine processes and integrating cloud technology solutions. Maximize the potential of your specialty store with our robust retail business management software – SmartPOS. Contact us to get started today.

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Reshape your retail business workflow

SmartPOS is configured with unique and powerful software features that enable you to perform a myriad of retail management functions at the click of a button.

Mobile Billing
Mobile Billing

You no longer require a dedicated billing counter in your retail store to help customers checkout. With our mobile billing feature, you can simply use your smartphone as a barcode scanning device. Add items to cart in an instant anywhere in your store.

Offline Billing
Offline Billing

Offer customers an uninterrupted shopping experience with our offline billing feature. Even during instances of network discrepancies such as outages, our point of sale software is capable of accepting transactions offline. Once the internet is back on, it will sync up all the transactions with the server.

Precise Invoices
Precise Invoices

Choose an invoice layout from our presets, or create and customize your own. Print essential details such as purchase date, customer name, cashier name and more. Our POS software can calculate and add accurate GST & VAT values to all your bills. It also saves a copy of the receipt for easy tax filing purposes.

Accurate Inventory Tracking
Accurate Inventory Tracking

Track what is coming in and going out of your store with the help of barcode tags. These tags can be scanned with the help of a barcode scanner. Record accurate details such as the time of purchase, shelf life, price and more.

Purchase Management
Purchase Management

Automate the process of placing stock replenishment orders with auto filled forms. Whenever your inventory runs low on items, our POS software can automatically place orders with your distributors. Moreover, purchase management allows you to efficiently allocate purchase budgets, track delivery status and more.

Minimize Thefts
Minimize Thefts

SmartPOS lets you keep track of what is in your store at all times using radio frequency identification systems. If a product exits your specialty store without authorization, our POS system raises an alarm. This way you can minimize loss of profits due to theft.

Multiple modes of payment
Multiple Modes of Payment

Give your customers the freedom of using a payment mode that they prefer. With SmartPOS you can accept payments such as cash, debit/credit card and mobile wallets. Our software also gives customers the choice to make split-payments, that is paying for items with a credit and debit card together.

Cloud Powered
Cloud Powered

Access powerful software applications and transfer data at lightning fast speed. Cloud technology gives you massive computing power without requiring physical hardware such as servers. It ensures that your data is safe and secure at all times.

Control all your specialty store branches from a single software tool

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  • Set up prices, offers and discounts for products across all your outlets.
  • Track business performance in real-time. Compare the prospects of your branches and identify key areas that can be improved.
  • Allocate excess inventory stock to other branches for even distribution of products.
  • Strike the best deal with distributors by efficiently comparing their prices, delivery times and more.
  • Consolidate the finances of all your retail stores such as expenditure, income and more.

SmartPoint’s POS for specialty stores is the most apt retail management solution for your business

  • Efficiently manage your workforce by assigning them shifts and daily tasks.
  • Improve customer satisfaction by storing regular customer details on SmartPOS’s database. This helps offer them loyalty points that they can redeem for discounts on products.
  • View comprehensive details of your products such as expiry date, date of purchase and more in the software.
  • Quickly identify what products in your specialty store are best-selling and customer favorites.