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Risk Management

Prevent payment frauds by setting up custom rules that monitor transaction patterns.

Secure your payments

SmartPOS uses advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to detect payment anomalies.

  • Payment screening
    All transactions are carefully scanned for any signs of suspicious activity.
  • Artificial Intelligence
    Intelligent algorithms that automatically spot payment frauds of every type.
  • Risk reports
    After every screening, the analysis results are displayed in SmartPOS’s dashboard.
Mitigate Online Losses

Nullify risks with cutting-edge tools

Fortify your business with SmartPOS’s personalizable risk management software solution.

Make Money
  • Keep a check on payments
    Get warning alerts on how certain transactions can be faulty and lead to fraudulent issues.
  • Block cards
    Prevent payment frauds from recurring by blacklisting debit and credit cards. Maintain a list of cards that customers cannot use to make transactions.
  • Customize rules
    Analyze the common ways in which payments fail and cause issues in website sales. Based on those patterns, you can customize your payment security rules.
  • Risk threshold
    Optimize when you want your system to accept and decline payments by setting a risk threshold.