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Cut down on unnecessary expenditures, boost operational productivity and maintain top-grade lubricants with SmartPOS. Get it today.

Grow your lubrication distribution business with SmartPOS

Minimize contamination, reduce operational costs and ensure that your lubricants are stored and transported in the best condition with our advanced POS software. SmartPOS provides you with a wide range of powerful tools that help you simplify complex tasks, automate routine processes and achieve complete control over your business activities. Boost the value of your lubrication distribution business in no time. Implement SmartPOS in your pipeline and experience faster and more precise operations. Get started today.


Hand crafted for lubricant distributors, dealers and stockist

Achieve full control over your business activities and seamlessly enhance them. Expand your business’s market reach using our state-of-the-art POS system.

Increase the value of your lubricants
Efficiently Manage Lubricant Inventory

Ascertain that you have an optimum number of required lubricants in your inventory. Take account of your lube stock’s quality.

Create Loyalty Schemes
Create Loyalty Schemes

Encourage your dealers to do more business with you by offering them attractive loyalty offers and discounts.

Effectively Track Shipments
Effectively Track Shipments

Ensure that your lubricant goods reach your customers on time. Seamlessly track all your deliveries and return orders.

Increase the Value of your Lubricants
Increase the Value of your Lubricants

Reduce wastage of inventory, stay ahead of lubricant expiry dates and make sure that your lubricants are top-quality.

How SmartPOS is the best distribution management solution for your lubricant business?

  • Precisely barrel quantities per batch, fix dynamic prices, print elaborate invoices with price breakdown including VAT and GST.
  • Offer distributors and dealers discounts according to the volume of lubricants they purchase from you.
  • Quickly pull up transaction records such as purchases and sales by location, time, customer name and more.
  • Know what you have in your inventory at all times using barcode tags and barcode scanners.
  • Auto-fill purchase and sales requests whenever a customer places an order for lubricants.

Features of SmartPOS

Earn more profits

Our POS software enhances your lubricants business operations with automation and Artificial Intelligence. Perform business activities at a faster pace and with accuracy.

Quickly Process Order Requests
Quickly Process Order Requests

Offer your customers a comprehensive platform that displays what lubricant stocks you have. Once buyers place orders, SmartPOS can automatically process order requests using automation and inventory tracking details.

Create Loyalty Schemes
Improve Customer Engagement

Increase traffic to your business by offering distributors and dealers exclusive discounts and loyalty rewards that they can’t miss on.

Sales Rep Reports
Sales Rep Reports

Sales reps can view their performance stats in the forms of reports. They display what tasks reps have completed and their rankings among other reps.

Improve Customer Satisfaction
Improve Customer Satisfaction

Provide customers with all the details they seek about your stock such as how much they cost, how long it will take to deliver them and more.

Cloud Technology Integrated
Cloud Technology Integrated

Access and transfer data at lightning speeds. Make organization wide changes at the click of a button. Synchronize your stocks and their prices with sales reps to help them perform better in the field.

Expand your market reach with online ordering

Simplify the process of responding to customer order requests by creating a fluid, intuitive online ordering portal.

Reduce Operational Expenditure
Reduce Operational Expenditure

Automate routine business activities with Artificial Intelligence and utilize human resources to perform sophisticated tasks. The need for customers to answer customer queries can be replaced by chatbots.

Eliminate Workflow Errors
Eliminate Workflow Errors

Avert operational errors such as dispatching goods to the wrong address, batch deliveries that do not contain the required number of lubricant barrels and more.

Efficient Accounting
Efficient Accounting

Closely monitor and regulate your cash flow. Ensure that there are no financial leaks and maintain accurate records of sales, purchase and investment.

Increase the Value of your Lubricants
Ram Up Business Activities

Use barcode/NFC tags and associated scanners to accurately track your organization’s inventory. View elaborate reports on how fast your inventory is being rotated and get reports that point out key business areas that can be improved.

Improved Customer Satisfaction
Enhance Customer Relationship

Easily manage customer queries. Use chatbots and frequently asked question sections that customers can use to quickly find what they are looking for.

Online Ordering Features

Our POS solution can carry out a wide range of essential distribution and management functions with precision and speed.

Inventory Analysis

View detailed reports that indicate what lubricant goods in your inventories are in demand and best-selling.

Increase Productivity

Accept and process lubricant order requests at any time of the day on all days of the week with automation.

Cloud Technology Integrated
Cloud Powered

Access reports and essential business data at lightning speeds on-the-go. SmartPOS uses cloud technology.

Precise Invoices
Precise Invoices

Be assured of accurate price breakdowns, VAT & GST values and more in your invoices. SmartPOS stores backup invoice copies in its database.

Efficient Accounting
Seamless Accounting

Access crucial accounting data such as purchase and sales histories quickly using SmartPOS’s accounting feature

To improve your business operations, lubricate your workflow with SmartPOS

Reach More Customers
Reach More Customers

– Create alluring offers and discounts.
– Quickly respond to order requests through the online ordering portal.
– Offer distributors and dealers price concessions based on the volume of goods they purchase from you.

Improve Workflow Productivity
Increase Workflow Productivity

– Sell lubricants and earn income at a faster pace.
– Stay informed about what lubricant stocks you have at all times.
– Conduct efficient quality checks and ensure proper counts of barrels in all of your deliveries.

Increase Workflow Productivity
Employee Management

– Encourage your sales reps to make more sales by offering them incentives..
– Sales can track their daily productivity using the SmartPOS app.
– Sales reps can sell products on-the-go with portable billing devices.

Improve Customer Relationship
Exceptional Customer Care

– Manage and process return orders.
– Create exclusive offers and discounts.
– Answer customer inquiries and resolve complaints.

Why choose SmartPOS as your distribution software?

  • Cutting-edge employee management
    Direct your employees to essential tasks. Reward them with incentives and bonuses to encourage healthy competition and commend their performance.
  • Advanced architecture
    Our POS software is built with the latest security protocols that protects your data from activities like hacks, digital theft and more.
  • Comprehensive data
    View elaborate reports on how well your business is doing in terms of sales, logistics, customer satisfaction and more.
  • Dynamic pricing
    Change product prices, create special discounts and offers for particular distributors and dealers for increased business.
  • Inventory management
    Enhance the value of your stocks by seamlessly managing products by their expiry dates, demand and more.