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Lifestyle and Fashion

Drive up your lifestyle and fashion retail store profits. Our POS software - SmartPOS helps you enhance operational productivity and accuracy using a wide range of specialized tools. Reach out to us today.

Attract more customers by keeping up with the latest trends in fashion

Boost the prospects of your lifestyle and fashion retail store with SmartPOS. Effectively automate complex business operations such as managing inventory, staff, prices, discounts and more using our highly advanced POS software. As a result, you will be able to drive up the productivity of your operations and earn more profits. Slay the competition by ramping up your productivity, enhancing customer satisfaction and stocking up your inventory with the latest goods. Contact us today.

Lifestyle and Fashion

Cut down on operational costs and increase savings

Gain full control over all of your business functions with a wide range of versatile software features.

Best Deal
Best Deal

Purchase a wide array of goods such as home decor, entertainment goods, toys, gift articles and more at a great price. With SmartPOS you can compare the prices of distributors and how long they will take to deliver in depth. This way, you can choose the best distributor.

Track Inventory

Make sure the goods that your customers want are always available in your inventory by tracking them. SmartPOS allows you to generate barcode tags that can be stuck on products. Furthermore, you can automate the process of placing purchase requests. Consequently, you will be able to save time and at the same time increase revenue.

Notifications and Alerts

A great deal of products move in and out of your lifestyle store on a daily basis. Stay ahead of each and everything that is taking place in your retail store such as knowing what products are low in your inventory, the performance of your store, new customer complaints and more with SmartPOS’s notifications and alerts feature.

Cloud Technology

Leverage the benefits of cloud technology to your retail store’s benefits. Experience fast data transfers, exceptional data security, periodic backup and more. SmartPOS’s integrated cloud technology saves you from having to invest in IT infrastructure. Access powerful web-based tools over the internet.

Informative Reports

View elaborate reports on sales, purchases, customer satisfaction and more. They give you insights into how your business is performing. By analyzing them, you can identify key areas that can be improved for better returns on investment.

Offline Billing

Your customers no longer have to wait to make payments when you experience network issues. SmartPOS enables you to accept transactions offline. It syncs up payment records with the internet once the network is back on. Conduct uninterrupted business operations with our POS system.

Location-Wise Tracking
Location-Wise Tracking

Easily find where items like toys, furniture, books and more are arranged in your retail store by tracking them location-wise. Our software is compatible with peripheral devices like RFID scanners. They can detect RFID tags over a specific region.

Portable Billing

Bill your customers on the go. Turn your smartphone into a barcode scanner by installing our SmartPOS application on it. Instantly scan product barcodes and generate invoices. This way, you no longer need a dedicated billing section to help customers checkout.

Take control of all your lifestyle and fashion outlets from one multifaceted software

Lifestyle and Fashion
  • Configure prices, offers and discounts for your products across all stores from SmartPOS.
  • Facilitate seamless and secure communication between your outlets via chat applications.
  • View how each of your retail store branches are doing with comprehensive performance reports.
  • Our POS system keeps you updated with all the latest developments in your chain of stores via sms and in-app alerts.
  • Efficiently track purchase requests, order statuses and more.

How SmartPoint’s lifestyle and fashion POS is the perfect solution for your business

  • Quickly look up where your store’s items are to help customers find what they are looking for.
  • Synchronize price changes across all your organizations at the click of a button.
  • Generate unique barcodes for different product categories. Track is much easier and accurate this way.
  • Assign unique color codes to product categories for easier identification in the software.