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Hypermarket and Departmental Stores

Increase productivity, profits and reduce unnecessary expenditure in hypermarket and departmental stores with our point of sale solution - SmartPOS

Seamlessly track inventory and ramp up your store’s sales with SmartPOS

Effectively cater to consumer demands and ensure that your store’s inventory is adequately replenished at all times. SmartPOS helps you minimize disruptions such as errors in supply chain and cash flow. Moreover, it also minimizes risks that arise from drastic changes in the economy. Seamlessly manage back-end retail operations and offer customers a delightful shopping experience with our POS software – SmartPOS.

Hypermarket and Departmental Stores

Efficiently manage your retail store functions with our one-stop solution

Perform a wide range of powerful business functions such as managing staff and customers with our versatile user-friendly software features.

Mobile Billing

By downloading the SmartPOS app on your smartphone, you can turn your phone into a mobile billing device. Our app contains a bluetooth barcode scanning feature that lets you quickly add the items of your customers to their checkout carts. Bill on the go!

Cloud Powered

Bid farewell to physical hardware units such as servers and computer processing units. With cloud technology, you can be assured of safe and secure data storage, lightning fast data transfers, synchronization of information throughout your organization and more.

Capacity Management

Efficiently manage the shelves of your hypermarket or departmental store. Using our POS system, you will be able to allocate and move around essential, non-essential and best-selling items with ease. This helps boost the sales of your products.

Floor Wise Management

Seamlessly categorize and arrange products floorwise by using SmartPOS. Quickly find products that customers are looking for by looking up the item in the software’s database.

Customer Experience

Attract more customers and encourage them to keep visiting your store by offering them an array of benefits. That includes promotional offers, discounts, loyalty rewards, frequently bought items and more. Safely store customer data on our tightly secure POS database.

Manage Employees

As the administrator of your POS software, you can create user accounts and edit privileges. This way, everytime your employees are at the counter, they need to log in and out of the system. Thereby, your employees are accountable for their actions. You can also reward high performing employees based on SmartPOS employee performance reports.

Comprehensive Reports

View elaborate sales reports, customer buying trends, profit margin reports and more. SmartPOS’s reports will help you identify key areas of your retail operations for improvement. Easily optimize key business functions for a significant increase in productivity.

Accurate Invoices

Generate precise and elaborate invoices that contain essential information such as invoice serial number, barcode, employee and customer name. Moreover, SmartPOS adds exact GST and VAT values to invoices and stores copies of them for easy tax filing.

Multiple Payment Modes

Accept a wide range of payment modes such as credit card/debit card, cash and digital wallet payments. Offer your customers the flexibility of split-paying for what they purchased with credit and debit cards together.

Monitor and regulate your retail store chain from an all-in-one software solution

Hypermarket and Departmental Stores
  • Efficiently manage all of your outlet’s accounts.
  • Set product prices, discounts and more for all your branches from our POS software.
  • Compare and analyze the performance of your retail stores with period comprehensive business reports.
  • Automate stock purchase requests.
  • Stay updated with the developments in your business with mobile alerts and notifications.

Our POS system for hypermarket and departmental stores is tailor made for your business.

  • Quickly assign what type of products should go to which shelf. This makes it easy to allocate inventory as well as look for items in your retail store.
  • Generate invoices with accurate VAT and GST values. A copy of them is safely stored in the SmartPOS database.
  • Instantly add items to checkout carts by scanning product barcodes.
  • View product wise sales reports. Learn which products are high selling.
Hypermarket and Departmental Stores

Hypermarket and departmental stores that SmartPOS is sculpted for