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Online Payment APIs

Safeguard online payments with the latest security protocols.

Choose how you want to take your online payments?

  • One time transactions
    Take single payments for goods and services purchased on your website.
  • Repeated transactions
    Permit customers to store their payment details on your website. They can use the stored payment details to make payments.
  • Multiparty transactions
    When payments are made through your software application, you can add a processing fee in addition to the total amount of the product or service.
  • Mobile wallets
    Seamlessly integrated mobile wallets like Samsung pay, Google pay, Apple pay and more. This will make it easier for your customers to complete transactions.

How you can incorporate online payments?

  • API integrations
    Use reliable third party applications such as OpenCart, Razorpay and WooCommerce.
  • Ready-to-use
    Incorporate SmartPOS’s pre-built digital payment solutions that are ready-to-use in your software system.
  • Custom application
    Build a payment application that feels and looks the way you want it to. Use SmartPOS’s tools to create a smooth payment experience.

Create an extraordinary payment system

SmartPOS enables your customers to follow a simple and quick payment route to complete transactions in an instant. From entering card numbers to security codes, all these processes are safeguarded with PCI compliant security protocols. Saved card details will be protected and hidden from potential cybersecurity breaches.

Go beyond just payments

Save customer accounts, retrieve payment details, synchronize your inventory stock with product catalogs and more. Automate and integrate data for easy transactions.

Complete payment support

  • Fraud analysis
    We will keep our eyes peeled for any signs of fraudulent activity and act on potential threats immediately.
  • Dispute management
    In the event of financial disputes on cards and digital wallets, we will get in touch with designated banks and resolve issues as soon as possible.
  • Quick deposits
    When transactions are made with SmartPOS, we will deposit the funds as quickly as on the next working day.
  • PCI compliant
    SmartPOS’s payment systems are fully PCI compliant. We update our system as and when compliance rules change.
Complete transactions within seconds