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Accept multiple modes of payment. SmartPOS is integrated with the most reliable online payment platforms.

Complete transactions within seconds

Choose from a list of prebuilt online payment solutions and accept payments in just a few button taps.

Best-in-class online payments security

Best-in-class online payments security
  • Responsive support
    Whenever you have a dispute with a charge, we at SmartPoint will take up the issue and resolve it ourselves.
  • Fully compliant
    We ensure that you and your customers are protected while making payments. Our software follows the latest compliance regulations and offers the best service
  • Thwart fraud
    Our system is designed to detect payment anomalies and halt them in their tracks before it results in financial leaks.
  • Exercise control
    Decide who gets access to what part of your software with administrative tools. Lock down your payment operations whenever you want to at the click of a button.

Mitigate Online Losses

SmartPOS keeps an eye out for abnormal transactions and suspicious activity.

  • Receive alerts about potentially harmful transactions.
  • Configure, customize and personalize rules that will suspend cards when suspicious transactions are detected.
  • Decide which payments you want to accept and which ones you want to decline.
Mitigate Online Losses

A one-stop-shop for all your sales

View crucial data on how well your sales are doing in the form of comprehensive text and visual data.

Supermarket and Groceries
  • Elaborate sales data
    Viewing individual sales data across your operations is a daunting process. SmartPOS makes it easy to analyze sales reports by bringing all sales data into one place.
  • Customer reports
    Manage and review essential customer data from a single place. Know what they are interested in, what they are likely to buy, demographics and more.
  • Advanced point-of-sale software
    Efficiently manage a plethora of business operations right from your store’s inventory, product arrangements, customer management to staff management.