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Pharma & Healthcare

Seamlessly connect manufacturers, distributors and dealers together with a highly efficient supply chain using our POS system called SmartPOS.

Reach out to more customers with SmartPOS

Seamlessly connect thousands of manufacturers, dealers, wholesalers and customers with a robust distribution management software. Our POS software lets you efficiently manage supply and demand in the healthcare industry. Balance logistics activities like procurement and sourcing against transportation costs, warehouse fees and more. With SmartPOS, you can easily optimize your pharma supply chain in order to distribute quality pharmaceuticals to the right places at the right time. Maximize the productivity of your operations and cut down on functioning costs, contact us to get started today.

Pharma and Healthcare

Tailor made for carrying and forwarding pharma agents, distributors and wholesalers

Bring together a wide array of pharma distribution processes by using our cutting-edge POS system. Boost your business functions and generate a higher value for customers and distributors.

  • Quickly respond to customer requests
  • Shorter planning cycles and fast deliveries
  • Efficiently manage warehouses
  • Smartly track pharmaceutical claims and tickets
  • Effectively manage inventory to increase product value and reduce product wastage

How SmartPOS is an ideal solution to improve your distribution operations?

  • Customize delivery routes and track them in real-time to reduce shipping time.
  • View how many deliveries have been made area-wise along with their profits from the dashboard.
  • View comprehensive balance sheets and account reports.
  • Easily view the quantity of pharmaceutical items available in your inventory from the database.
  • Quickly manage and process product return requests.
  • Identify what products are in high demand by viewing buying trend reports.
  • Stay ahead of short shelf-life pharmaceuticals by filtering products by expiry dates.
Pharma and Healthcare5

SmartPOS Features

Increase your profits by selling more

Automate the process of responding to requests, generating invoices and more by using our POS software.

Drive Up the number of Order Requests
Drive Up the number of Order Requests

Don’t lose time responding to calls inquiring about your stocks and prices. Readily display what you have in your inventory on your smartphone application. Changes in stocks and price changes are synchronized in real-time.

Ramp Up Customer Engagement
Ramp Up Customer Engagement

Fix unmissable product prices, create alluring offers, discounts and more that customers can’t ignore. This helps your business significantly increase customer engagement.

Performance Statistics
Performance Statistics

Your sales reps can view their daily performance reports on the SmartPOS smartphone app. The data displayed in this feature will help the individual optimize and improve his or her sales performance.

Improved Customer Satisfaction
Improved Customer Satisfaction

Keep your customers informed about what is available in your inventory, status of their orders and how long it will take for your items to reach them.

Increased Sales
Increased Sales

Any changes you make to your products, prices, offers and discounts is immediately synchronized into your sales rep’s database. By being updated about the latest developments in the warehouse, he or she will be able to make more informed sales.

Grow your customer base with online ordering

Efficiently fulfill order requests by offering your customers a comprehensive online ordering portal.

Cut Down on Costs
Cut Down on Costs

By implementing an online ordering portal in your business, you can reduce expenditure on human resources. The need for manpower to answer customer query phone calls are minimized by automated web applications.

Improve Accuracy
Improve Accuracy

Online ordering portals are automated, which means they receive and process the exact information that customers provide. This eliminates any errors that are otherwise caused by human labour.

Efficient Accounting
Efficient Accounting

Eliminate unwanted instances such as financial leakages and embezzlement by viewing your income reports in real-time. Mitigate risks and resolve faults in your financial pipelines.

Expiry Notifications & Alerts
Elevate Business Operations

Accurately track inventory, use barcodes to precisely track product details and keep a tab on what items are coming in and going out along with comprehensive metadata.

Boost Customer Relationship
Boost Customer Relationship

Communicate with customers via chat applications and automate frequently asked questions with chatbot responses. SmartPOS allows your customers to track the status and location of their product deliveries.

Online Ordering Features

Perform a wide range of essential distribution and management functions with our POS solution.

Reduce Workflow Errors
Product Scope Analysis

View data on how well your products are faring in the market by location and demography.

Automate Orders

Receive shipment orders on any day of the week at all times with SmartPOS’s online ordering feature.

Cloud Technology Integrated
Cloud Reports

View business performance reports, top-selling products and more at any time from anywhere by accessing them through the cloud.

Accurate Invoices
Precise Invoices

A copy of purchase and sales invoices are automatically, accurately and safely stored in the software.

Seamless Accounting

Maintain transaction histories and accounts with accuracy and transparency using SmartPOS.

Maximize the potential of your pharma distribution business with SmartPOS

Expand Your Reach
Expand Your Reach

– Engage customers with attractive offers on drugs.
– Quickly fulfill orders through an online ordering portal.
– Offer special discounts for establishments such as educational institutions and hospitals.

Improve Workflow Productivity
Improve Workflow Productivity

– Deliver medicines at a quicker pace.
– Keep a track of your stocks in all your warehouses.
– Stay informed of expiry dates to minimize delivery returns.

Sales Rep Management
Sales Rep Management

– Set commissions, incentives and daily sales targets.
– Sales reps can view their daily performance statistics.
– Manage the assignment of sales reps to different locations.

Improve Customer Relationship
Efficient Customer Care

– Manage return claims.
– Regulate offers and discounts.
– Easily troubleshoot distribution bottlenecks.

Why choose SmartPOS as your distribution software?

  • Versatile employee management
    Efficiently engage and direct employees towards essential tasks. Assign your employees daily tasks, incentives and more.
  • State-of-the-art architecture
    Our POS software is built with the latest security protocols for high reliability and safety. Synchronize data throughout all your organizations at the click of a button.
  • Comprehensive data
    View detailed reports on the status of your operations, finances, business performance and more. Quickly import and export business data.
  • Dynamic pricing
    Create unique attractive discounts and offers for specific entities such as educational institutions and hospitals.
  • Inventory management
    Enhance the value of your stocks by seamlessly managing products by their expiry dates, demand and more.
Pharma and Healthcare