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Apparel & Footwear

SmartPOS helps you smoothly run textile and footwear business operations with accuracy, speed and reliability.

Increase customer footfall and earn higher profits with SmartPOS

Stay ahead of variables like changes in fashion trends, seasonal demands, economic complexities and more with our robust point of sale software solution. SmartPOS also helps you eliminate inventory risks, minimize business expenditure and instead enables you to improve your returns on apparel and footwear investments.

Fashion Trends

Maximize sales, cut down costs and increase savings

SmartPOS is loaded with advanced CRM tools that enable you to efficiently manage garments, footwear, supply chain, inventory and more.

Manage Multiple Stores

By using SmartPOS, you can synchronize multiple stores together. That includes inventory, purchase, sales, performance details and more. All of this crucial data can be monitored and regulated from our centralized web-based POS console. This gives you a clear and elaborate picture of how well your business functions are running.

Track Inventory

Stay ahead of what is available in your inventory, what is low and what is fast depleting at all times. Automate stock replenish requests, view the performance of your inventory goods and more. View comprehensive details such as the time of item purchase, date and transaction amount. Moreover, efficiently assign goods to vacant racks.

Bill Customers with your Mobile Phone

Our POS software is compatible on all devices, be it desktops, tablets and even smartphones. You no longer need a dedicated billing counter and a stack of machines to bill your customers, just a smartphone will do. Use our barcode scanner apps and more to generate invoices on the go.

Higher Sales

Optimize your business by finding out what business strategy works best and what products customers like most by using our cutting-edge customer relationship management tools. Analyze patterns and identify key areas that you can use to your business’s advantage.

Seamless Accounting

Regulate cash flow, effortlessly incorporate VAT and GST in invoices, perform fast and accurate audits and more. SmartPOS produces brief financial reports that makes it easy for you to file your taxes.

Mobile Barcode Scanner

You can bill items using your mobile phone. By simply installing the SmartPOS app on your smartphone device, you can scan product barcodes using the inbuilt barcode scanner. With our mobile barcode scanner, you no longer need a dedicated billing counter in your retail store.

Multiple Modes of Payment

Today, there are multiple ways to pay for a product. That includes cash, debit card/credit card and digital wallets. SmartPOS enables you to accept all these forms of payment. You can also accept split payments, that is a combination of payment modes such as credit and debit card together.

Purchase Management

Get the best deals on the inventory you purchase using our purchase management tool. Efficiently compare distributors and find the best match for your business. Moreover, automate and autofill purchase requests whenever you run low on inventory. This saves plenty of time and boosts productivity.

Manage all your apparel and footwear outlets from a single robust software

  • Fix prices and discounts for products that are sold across all your branches.
  • Compare and optimize the performance of various outlets.
  • View the latest business developments and sales records in real-time.
  • Generate comprehensive reports that sum up the transactions of all the branches together.
  • Enable all your branch stores to securely communicate with each other via chat applications.

How SmartPoint’s apparel and footwear POS system is best suited for you?

  • Pair up SmartPOS with a wide range of peripherals like cash drawers, bluetooth scanners and printers.
  • Instantly find products that you are looking for in your inventory by searching for its name or by entering its code.
  • Effortlessly manage multiple product distributors, transactions, discounts and more.
  • Create attractive discounts and promotion offers to expand your customer base.

Apparel and footwear retail stores that SmartPOS is crafted for